Ten of pentacles his feelings

It speaks of equality, fairness, and the cyclical nature of life. He is looking at the townspeople – most likely a family with their child and dogs. It is sometimes known as the 'happily ever after' card. I used to see that this card could be saying "someone that you feel that could be good for build a secure family" But i my recent readings this card is coming a lot with the meaning of prejudice, family prejudice. Health-wise, the reversed X of Pentacles may be indicating feelings of lethargy, low-energy, boredom and a lack of motivation. It seems he is the head of the family, for he is surrounded by younger loved ones. The Queen of Pentacles represents all things fertile, abundant, green and wise. The ten of pents as feelings of someone towards another person always puzzled me. Bulls are domesticated animals and he rules all domesticated matters. ~ Queen of Pentacles – Practical, home-loving, creative, hard working. Likes to help others but also encourages them to help themselves. Wealth is so much more than money. The Ten of Pentacles As a Person (Significator) It represents someone who is the backbone of his family, group of friends, and office. The dogs are the raw energy from which life comes. It’s your big chance in life WHEEL OF FORTUNE, and the family TEN OF PENTACLES stands in the way of it TWO OF SWORDS. Tarot Meaning: The 10 of Pentacles is a very positive omen. Ten of Pentacles as Feelings . Very defensive/feels easily attacked. You may feel like you and your spouse have nothing in common and this feeling as been there for a while, but has never been addressed. Ten Reversed – Disharmony for couples which is often related to financial . You could be feeling like nothing is moving forward. We see a man, woman, child, two dogs, a large archway, a building, and a merchant’s wares all under ten golden pentacles. When the King of Cups appears in your Tarot reading, dig deep and seek to truly understand what is going on within you. Although he is a wealthy person, he is frugal in his expenses and lifestyle. King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – King of Coins – Reversed . One of the great problems with having wealth is what exactly to do with it, and this is the central concept of the Ten of Pentacles. It touches all aspects of your existence, and this includes feeling and thinking rich. His other hand is giving money to two beggars who are kneeling at his feet. The 10 of Cups is the final card in the suit of Cups and represents a happy transition in a love relationship. And if I pair this with the cards related to Party B, this is a positive sign. The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card So many of life's little problems are dependent on finances that it might shock some to learn that the Tarot deck's card indicating wealth is also the card of conventional thinking. The King's contentment indicates that his material needs are all being met. The suit of Pentacles is also ruled by earth, so this card is double-earthed. Form is given to the emotional energy of the 10 of Cups which is a prerequisite for the 10 of Pentacles energy to take hold. The Meaning of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana. He is a provider and a protector, for under his care is a flourishing and abundant kingdom where its citizens are prosperous and encouraged to grow. Tarot Card by Card – Ten of Pentacles Jul 27, 2014 | Learn Tarot , Tarot Card By Card Learn the Tarot card meanings with Tarot Card by Card. Sep 22, 2018 Tarot Heaven, 10 of Pentacles Meaning and Description, Ten of Pentacles reversed, Ten of Pentacles His robe is rich with color, embroidery and full of detail. This softens the harsh edges of the Five of Pentacles and makes it a card of self-reliance and pride rather than a more chronic down-and-out condition. It can also indicate that you may go into business with family. 10 of Pentacles. It is represented by family, friends and colleagues. Psychic Reading Home > Psychic Tarot Cards > Suit of Pentacles > King of Pentacles. Fresh, modern tarot interpretations. Elementally, the Ten of Pentacles is extremely stable. The Pentacles appearing in the window on the 5 of Pentacles tarot card represent the Tree of Life. The King of Pentacles is a very spiritual person. You have a major plan in place with very defined goals and time frames for achieving them. It can mean that your material wishes will be met – perhaps to a degree that you would not have thought possible, and that in general, things will be going exceedingly well for you. *But it's not clear what it means in a relationship reading *that is in how one FEELS about the other. summary: Having trouble with finances, can’t support his family, finances are blocked, too much focused on comfort, food and other earthy pleasures, food addict, need to use his/her common sense. King of Pentacles in Love and Relationships. Reversed: This person is very insecure about his position, and needs constant  Three of Pentacles show us persistence - clear priorities and commitments - your mind, In the sixth position: Your feelings will center optimistically around . It also represents a struggle that you will triumph over. Queen of pentacles as feelings. He is tame and has mastered tame animals. Ten of Pentacles. He wants me to move forward in school and go towards the career im going for because he thinks it what will be best for in terms of being able to build a family and support my family 2. Your financial security and emotional well-being are both positively indicated by the presence of this card in your spread. I think the second card means he may have felt rejected by you and still feels that way. This is a rather conservative person but he takes his responsibilities very seriously. In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Ten of Pentacles is an indication of long-term security and stability. Perhaps it is a friendship that is growing into a love relationship. Trustworthy and reliable. Aug 22, 2017 Tarot card meanings and interpretation for The Ten of Pentacles (Coins) in general, love, feelings, outcomes, future, positive and negative  Dec 1, 2018 His robe is decorated with symbols, all which represent his wisdom and Ten of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling loved and  The Ten of Pentacles card upright and reversed meaning, reading in love and He is seen surrounded by his family comprising of a young cheerful couple, and a You are feeling loved and safe due to the caring nature of your close ones. We are reminded of the Justice tarot card, which suggests karma, cause and effect, and that we receive what we give. Aside from the love that you feel for your partner, and the love that you get in return, there is a strong sense of belongingness and permanence. Love: In a love question, the reversed 3 of Pentacles is a good omen. Whenever you are going through a phase in which your finances or your home life are not what they should be, you should call upon the energies of the Queen of Pentacles to assist you. They can modify or enhance the card's energy. He is resting his foot on a bull whose horns have been removed. This is a card about a happy family that is happy and has material wealth. I did a relationship tarot reading for the near future and I'm a tad confused about the man's feelings for me. This is still on his mind. You may be feeling like you have nothing to lose right now (or in the recent  For feelings the 10 of pentacles upright indicates feelings of comfort and stability. Your past, your present and your future. Queen of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling very close to his/hers home and family. Pentacles symbolise your overall feelings about the outer reality. Find out what the 2 of Cups means as feelings in your love readings! The Ten of Pentacles as Feelings in a Love Reading Page of Pentacles Tarot’s Meaning for the Future. The outcome of this relationship: Ten of Pentacles. And he usually is! Pentacles represent Earth Signs and also money. He dreamed of the day when he would be mature and in full possession of his abilities and potential. The Ten of Pentacles is about being your own god and creating the abundance that sustains future generations. 4 of Pentacles - Feelings He/She/They might have feelings but they don't want to tell you. More If you receive this card in a relationship reading, pay attention to its position and the other cards surrounding it. Mar 18, 2017 The suit of Pentacles, or Coins, relates to wealth and finance. In a Tarot card reading, this card can be a symbol of persistent, has patience and is hard-working. Much like the ten of cups, the ten of pentacles is closely related to family and As a love tarot card, the ten of pentacles can mean taking the next step  You or your partner are feeling burdened or even oppressed. Because that means you'll LoOOoVE my *NEW* book "Tarot Cards as Feelings in Love Readings," which will give you a WEALTH of AMAZING interpretations for ALL 78 cards in a tarot deck - all focusing Ten of pentacles in a career reading. intense. The Ten of Pentacles is a card that shows a happiness that is a long time coming. Pentacles ground the sometimes floaty aspect of love and help manifest it into a solid functional relationship. In the Ten of Pentacles card, there is an old man seated in an archway leading into a great estate. It’s usually good when it’s a relationship reading. It is as if he is trying to tell us something. The Sun - Page of Cups reverse - King of Pentacles reverse With the 10 of pentacles that first fell out I would say he views me as wife/family material. 10 Lessons from the Minor Arcana: The Suit of Pentacles This post is part of a blog post series exploring the tarot card meanings through storytelling. If you get the Ten of Pentacles tarot, consider yourself very lucky! The Ten of Pentacles tarot also signifies feelings of wholeness in a relationship. These animals are animals that work Tarot Card Meanings – Ten of Pentacles Posted on January 13, 2016 February 5, 2016 by wishingmoon The Ten of Pentacles can be a very interesting card to reveal during a tarot reading , so if this card has come up in a recent reading, why not find out more about what the ten of pentacles could mean for you and your future? Queen of pentacles is also good with business, and this tarot card can mean you will running your own business, especially a home-based business. It’s only when we feel emotionally safe and contained that we can look to the wellbeing of future generations. King of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, Pentacles XIV. His children are the present, and his grandchild is the future. Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Description. Ten of Pentacles in Love and Relationships  The wealth in the Ten of Pentacles tarot card is not just dollars and cents. The Page of Pentacles is the most grounded of the Pages, who are all connected with the element of earth. Through the Ten of Pentacles there is an accumulation of wealth. But it soon crushed into pieces when he mentioned to her that he told his mother and friends that he was only For feelings, in reversed position, Nine of Pentacles emphasizes a mistake made. It represents two people who are seen as a couple by their larger community. In the Ten of Pentacles you have enough to indulge others, and so you complete the suit spiritually as well as physically. Upright Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card At his best, however, he generates such respect for his hard work, his care, and his innate generosity that those who love him value his approval of their work more than the gold he pays them for it. An innocent soul and a dog? Sound familiar …? Yes, it is the young Fool we are seeing here, hidden in plain sight. What does the 10 of Pentacles Tarot Card mean as someone's feelings? I asked how this woman felt about me deep down and did a one card reading. The King of Pentacles is a lot like King Midas - everythin Nov 25, 2018 The Ten of Pentacles tarot is the card for wealth, prosperity, easy and watch his loved ones enjoy the feeling of prosperity and abundance. Since the King of Pentacles rules this suit, other cards from the suit will be beholden to the secure feelings engendered by the king. The Ten of Pentacles refers to utilization of your talents and assets to establish structure in the outer world. A younger couple stands nearby with a small child. A patriarch, dressed in a luxurious robe, pats his hounds as he watches over the younger generations. The feeling of the Ten of Pentacles is one of enduring strength. All of the positive traits of the Pentacles suit are embodied here; security, happiness, and the spiritual wisdom that comes with experience in the real world. The King of Pentacles is Fire of Earth and associated with the elemental qualities of the planet Saturn (rolling up your sleeves to accomplish a big milestone) and the zodiac sign of Capricorn (ambition to succeed). . Introduction: The 10 of Pentacles is a very positive omen. The content, but focused expression on the artist’s face in the Eight of Pentacles symbolizes that he is not getting involved in the drama of others. A noble's family scene dominates the rest of the card, with the patriarch/grandfather on the right, and the family and their dogs cavorting. This card carries serious responsibility when it appears and gives you power to generate material movement for many people. His dedication and hard work in the past have given happiness to his family. The King of Wands embodies much of the meaning of the entire suit and should be taken seriously when seen. 10 thoughts on “ Three of Pentacles ” diana Post author April 22, 2019 at 1:12 pm. For example, the King of Pentacles with the Two of Cups, may indicate that the seeker has (or will have) a strong mutual attraction with a King of Pentacles type. Which Tarot cards might you expect to see in a Tarot reading when love is just around the corner? Whether it’s with your life partner, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, new love interest, or simply a friend, let’s face it – we can’t get enough of love! Not surprisingly, questions His folks TEN OF PENTACLES don’t allow TWO OF SWORDS what’s best for him WHEEL OF FORTUNE. It may also foretell an inheritance. As Feelings The V of Pentacles relates to the number 73 / 10 / 1 and suggests ‘mystical powers’. The fire element indicates his passion, drive, motivation, creativity and sexuality. He wears a robe that is decorated with moon crescents and grapevines - indicating the joining of spirit and matter. The Meaning of the "Ten of Pentacles" Tarot Card: Upright King of Pentacles Meaning. Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions. The Ten of Pentacles can also stand for promotion, so if you have been working hard, others have noticed and you are likely to be rewarded. Ten of Pentacles's Meaning. He cares deeply about his partner but may sometimes struggle with expressing his emotions. This man in his glorious robe could be an older man that will come to save the day for you in a financial way. Having no TWO OF SWORDS relatives TEN OF PENTACLES is the best thing WHEEL OF FORTUNE that ever happened to me. The Ten of Pentacles represents the final result of very long-term efforts that culminate in wealth, abundance, legacies, and completion. . However, he will express his love by being a generous provider and making his partner feeling secure and cared for. The King of Pentacles offers us a beautiful picture of success and the abundance that comes with it. This card is reminiscent of the flashy feeling of wealth or the appearance of people with good business skills. His crown and scepter confirm that he is in charge and the fact that he is still wearing a suit of armor tells us he would do battle to defend his kingdom. The empress upright in your reading for his feelings could indicate that he sees you as his wife   How to Interpret 'Pentacle Cards' in a Relationship Reading Pentacles- You could also be saving hard as a couple and are feeling a bit miserable or trapped as a result. In a career reading, Ten of pentacles tarot card speaks of work in a family business, passive income, work bonuses and careers in property development. What does the devil tarot card mean as feelings? What does he need from me: Hierophant (ten of pentacles) Well i get two things here 1. And if the Ten of Pentacles tarot card is upright in your tarot reading, it’s all headed your way! At this point, you have become wise enough to know that being wealthy is not only about having money, but knowing how to get it and keep it. spiritual. 9 of wands as feelings I see also as unavailable but out of the conviction he will get hurt and they are all out to get him. Ten of pentacles as feelings. The Ten of Pentacles Rider Waite Family, Friends & Relationships: . Keeps his feelings hidden unless he is 100% comfortable. Their constant focus on you will leave you feeling blessed in so many ways. The seven of pentacles usually comes up when I read for people who have been waiting a long time for a love to come to fruition. He is not a king, or even a page, but he stays upon the throne with purpose. For the major arcana, the story is told from the point of view of the Fool who is undertaking his journey through the arcana. Tarot Deck: Hanson-Roberts What do I need to know about his feelings towards me? 10 of Pentacles fell out as I was shuffling. Numerologically number ten also tells about new beginnings. Learn the King of Pentacles tarot card meaning and the rest of the card meanings, symbols and stories in our eBook. There is an element of dishonesty associated with this reversed card and a warning to steer clear or illegal or shady activities as they will not go well for you. Last Updated on May 25th, 2018. You may never have had to worry about money, or at least nowhere near to the degree that your peers do. The suit of Pentacles, Coins, or Discs is associated with materiality but also with prudence. Do not avoid your feelings; lean into them and work through them -- rewards lie on the other side. Pentacles help them to be more realistic and practical about their needs. It evolved from the clover suit from the French Marseille tarot deck (despite the fact that Wikipedia claims it’s linked to Diamonds… Explore Jessica's board "Ten of Pentacles", followed by 1245 people on Pinterest. It is a fragile union, but The Ten of Cups: If this card shows up as  The Ten of Pentacles indicates the result of all forces – both positive and negative, and The X of Pentacles gives the feeling of prosperity, attainment, security,  Rather than lead the relationship from his heart, he will look to religious figures This Tarot Card shows ten pentacles and three different generations of people. It's someone not wiling to share his world, because it is all his! No room for others, lol. Ten of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling loved and secure. In the King of Pentacles we see a man on a throne looking like he is the king of his domain. Past – The Ten of Pentacles in the Past position can represent a good financial foundation in your life. The aged man is accompanied by his family and pets and they, along with his rich robe and the 10 pentacles symbolize comfort and accomplishment. Learn the Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning and the rest of the card meanings, symbols and stories in our eBook. On the other hand, he hasn’t turned his back on the world either. It would take time, much time, but he was patient and prepared to give his all to make a success of his life. Once Love or emotional contentment has been found, it is the Pentacle/Earth influence that offers the glue to hold it all together. Much like the Queen of Wands, The King can represent a strong male influence in your life, somebody who has succeeded and lived their dream. Swords will reveal the overall picture of your mental positions, opinions and thoughts. The Ten of Pentacles shows an aged, wise man just outside a majestic archway that leads into a nice town. Take the higher road. Clingy/possessive, yes, heard that, but it never really comes up for me that way. He is the earth messenger who delivers important messages that will be good or bad and his messages are related to sudden new beginnings. He has complete mastery over the land in which he works. King of Pentacles Description and Symbolism . When the Ten of Pentacles appears in the past, it reveals that the foundation of your situation is material comfort. Also may indicate a feeling of inner emptiness, and hitting the bottom. The symbols of Mercury and Virgo are above and below the Pentacles thus: * * * * * * * * * * The Ten of Pentacles is the achievement of physical or social success on a group level. He is very refined and artistic in his tastes and activities. The Ace of Cups shows is a symbol of possibility in the area of deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, compassion and love. The man is a wealthy patriarch who has achieved a great deal during his life and is immensely gratified that The Ten of Pentacles is a card that shows a happiness that is a long time coming. Similar or supporting cards: Ten of Wands (feeling weighed down) Nine of Swords (stress and anxiety) Eight of Swords (feeling trapped and restricted) all the secrecy cards (Moon, Five of Swords, High Priestess) Opposing or contradictory cards: Temperance (moderation) The Star (hope and optimism) The Devil Tarot Card Combinations: --- Ace of Pentacles: prosperity, abundance, trust, security, groundedness - DESCRIPTION. The King of Wands is the final card in the suit of Wands. TEN of PENTACLES. A quiet man; “Still waters run deep”. Cups will show you, from a wider perspective, what goes on at your emotional level. Material concerns. Therefore, he is showered with love and respect. What is the Meaning of the Four of Pentacles Tarot Card? A man sits upon a throne with two golden pentacles under his feet and two more in either hand. The Tower from the Tower card may be seen on the right of the card on the archway. It also suggests independence, leadership qualities and ‘perfected justice for all’. More On many cards, we see a cluster of buildings off in the distance. Your relationship will be based on a solid foundation when this card appears in your Tarot reading. The 10 of Pentacles, which is the card of ending, holds the image of a new beginning, a new freedom. The family we see is carrying on the affairs of everyday life. Fortune telling meanings and interpretation for The Queen of Pentacles in general, love, feelings, yes, no, outcomes, future, positive and negative readings. The old man has worked all his life with utmost dedication and perseverance to achieve his goals and he has been rewarded with financial security, wealth and comfort. Through much work and experience he has mastered his emotions, and is able to balance his aware heart with the power of his mind. If you are single, the King of Pentacles indicates that you are more than ready for a serious relationship. He’s not wild like a lion. Ten: There is money and wealth available to you - don't let opportunities pass by. Family dis-harmony is indicated when the X of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading. Or you've become someone who's clingy, that needs to know every move they King of Pentacles (R) says to recognize when the choice to use “any means” to reach a goal has resulted in failure and this lack of fulfillment has brought feelings of doubt, dissatisfaction and weakness. How to make the relationship better: Two of Cups Knight Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana: The Knight of Pentacles is a hard working soul, he is quiet and humble and reliable. Wands will be the summary of what goes on at your spiritual level. As Feelings The Ten of Pentacles As a Person (Significator) It represents someone who is the backbone of his family, group of friends, and office. the queen of pentacles i think is a warning to you to make sure you stay grounded and dont give him the impression that you think you are above him. No buds however are shown. Ten of Coins - House Symbols on the Card Book "T" 27 An angelic hand holding a branch by the lower extremity, whose roses touch all the Pentacles. The Ten of Pentacles is a conservative card in thought and deed, but overflowing with material success. He is in, a way, like God. The Ten of Disks reversed can represent rocky foundations, insecurity and instability your life. What is the Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card? The image that makes up the Ten of Pentacles is a busy one. In fortune telling, The 10 of Pentacles card can be a symbol of inheritance. For feelings towards you from someone else, this tarot card could indicate that someone has the feelings that they like to start a family with you and/or like to marry you. A Tarot card spread features revelations about the past, the present and the future. The Knight of Pentacles represents a man of about forty years of age, who is patient, reliable and serious. The card I pulled was the 10 of Pentacles, so does that mean she thinks I am rich? lol Because I'm not. 6 of pentacles reversed as feelings; Ten (X) of Pentacles; He was very young then, full of energy and high ambition. This Knight will have observed his/her partner for some time, and in the  Apr 14, 2018 The ace of cups brings fresh energy in regards to the world of emotions. Wise and mature, he is connected well with near and dear ones. I think the ten of wands meant there was some unresolved things from when you were previously together. The detailed description of the Ten of Pentacles. Security in all forms is at a high ebb. It may be a long distance relationship or a relationshipe that is subject to Divine timing. Instead, he is focusing on his own progress – and those details that truly matter. This is a card of great accomplishment and pride, and can be an indicator of retirement, inheritance, investments, and comfort later in life. This is only partially your own doing, however, as these positive aspects are inextricably bound up in your close relationships with friends and family. Pentacles represent your “material” world. Ten of Pentacles Description Arcan: Low Element: Earth, grounding, steady and stable. The Ten of Pentacles reversed may be telling you to pay more attention to loved ones, as this will benefit all concerned. Tarot Meaning: The 6 of Pentacles is often a sign of a turn for the better, particularly with regard to money. He may not be … The Ten of Pentacles Rider Waite Career, Work Or Retirement: The Ten of Coins is a good omen as it can signify a business becoming an empire. In the Nine of Pentacles you had enough to indulge yourself. See more ideas about Pentacle, Tarot Cards and Tarot Spreads. With the Page of Pentacles tarot in the future position, it indicates being aware and attentive of the signs that will help you execute your plans and reach your goals. Do not allow yourself to give in to any feelings of jealousy or pettiness. In the Ten of Pentacles, we finally arrive in that village - in the middle of the marketplace. For feelings the 10 of pentacles upright indicates feelings of comfort and stability. It can also indicate that your new or current job is secure and will provide you with stability long term. The Two of Cups is the first step towards actualizing the new love feelings of the Ace of Cups. If you draw the Ten of Pentacles it can mean success in business that benefits a group, family money, wealth, inheritance, good health, well established and/or long term viability. The Ten of Pentacles shows an old, white-haired man wearing an ornately embroidered robe, sitting with his two loyal white dogs at his feet. Ten of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, Pentacles X. The Ten of Pentacles card represents the ultimate destination of material success. This is a card that anyone wants to draw when wondering whether his/her business is advantageous or not. Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations: There are five cards that can all represent an increase in finance, so in large spreads (such as the Life Spread) watch for the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Seven of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles, the more that appear the more the message is reinforced. Good marriage material but slow to commit. It seems as if he's going ot be some big shot with a nice job (Chariot and 10 of Cups) and his flaw is that he thinks he's always right and is arrogant (Queen of Swords and Six of Wands) ; He is described as being the Knight of Pentacles. While the adults don’t seem to be aware of the man’s presence, the child and the dogs are in the know. * Ten of Pentacles – Today Ten of Pentacles, which is about dysfunctional relationships and people not getting along, is surrounded by love, closeness, and cooperation: It’s at its detriment, astrologers would say. The Page of Pentacles knows that his strengths are rooted in the apparent solidity of the material world. As with any material goal – a relationship requires not only the investment of the heart, but a heart felt investment of time and effort in order to succeed. The Ten of Pentacles suggests that you have high ambitions and want to go all the way to the top. Ten of Pentacles as His Feelings for Me I know that this card is often associated with money, stability and legacy. energy of the 10 of Cups which is a prerequisite for the 10 of Pentacles energy to take hold. If you are looking to add to your family, this is a time when fertility can be higher than usual. The Ten of Cups: If this card shows up as the outcome of your reading, it is an excellent love omen. You might find them quite inspiring. It can be a very difficult card in a reading because often when readings are done people are asking about current situations in love, work, health, or finances. The Six of Pentacles suggests that you are in a secure enough position to give to others without affecting your own stability. The Two of Cups as Feelings in a Love Reading Zahara Vinson Tarot. In the Ten of Pentacles, we are in the town square and comfortably secure in our surroundings. He won't rush into making his moves first, nor will he express his thoughts, opinions and feelings easily. He’s drawn in a similar fashion to Jehovah, who is often depicted as a white man and a beard. The person represented by this benevolent King has worked hard, had clear intentions, and with support from the universe he made it happen. Read Pentacles - King from the story Tarot by nachobabies with 42 reads. Ten of Pentacles in a time-based position. The King of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles is the master of earth in the Court Cards (reliable, hard-working and moving). It’s one of the more positive Pentacles cards. The grandfather looks on, satisfied that his labors have borne fruit. ~ Knight of Pentacles – A hard worker. This is the Four of Pentacles, and its imagery is some of the most obvious within the Minor Arcana. Tarot card meanings and interpretation for The Ten of Pentacles (Coins) in general, love, feelings, outcomes, future, positive and negative readings and as a yes or no. In readings, it shows that a seed of emotional awareness has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When we meet the King of Pentacles, we feel immediately his regal and generous presence. Nevertheless, Ten of Pentacles stands its ground. Then notice his hand, on the dog. ten of pentacles his feelings

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